Wednesday 16 January 2013


Dennis Kelly writes plays.  We saw 'Orphans' so we were looking forward to this.  Then again, we saw 'The Gods Weep' too.  Something about a comic - sorry, graphic novel - is bound to divide us, so here is one of us hoping TWNH: that there will never be such a violent, nihilist, cartoonish world as this one.

Both the stage and the graphic novel influences are apparent here.  Scenes skitter quickly between characters, who flit across the screen as ephemerally as the virtual messages they send to each other, or rather to pseudonyms and avatars of each other.  There's edgy music.  In fact, anyone who likes to think of themselves as edgy will probably like this.  Two mad-eyed loons murder people in the hunt for a manuscript and Jessica Hyde.  There's a man who hates his job, a feral child and everyone is foul-mouthed.  So far, not much of it makes any sense, but is it compelling enough to keep watching?  There's an air of ridiculousness about it all - a bit like a comic, dare I say it.

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