Monday 4 May 2015

The C Word

The currently ubiquitous Sheridan Smith plays the late Lisa Lynch, whose diagnosis of breast cancer at 28 led to her writing a blog about her battle with the illness.  We have problems with dramas depicting real-life victims of terminal illness, not least that you know how it ends and it's depressing.

Lisa's blog, 'Alright Tit', led to a book, produced after her op and chemo when she was in recovery, before finding out that the cancer had spread to her bones and brain.  Her therapist then recommends a book to help her, which turns out to be Lisa's own.  (Seriously?  The therapist didn't twig that her client of the same name and with the same illness might just have been the author?)  It was a funny, honest and even uplifting 90 minutes, and Lisa's battle, with the support of her husband and family, was a remarkable one, but ultimately it was still an emotional wrencher of a drama for a holiday Sunday evening.

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